Why Choose Acusites?

AcuSites was started by a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who wanted to see other acupuncturists and herbalists succeed.  Our mission is to combine quality with affordability while creating a product that ultimately belongs to the buyer.  Unlike other clinical website companies, AcuSites will turn the keys over to you when your website is done.

How will AcuSites save me money in the long run?

AcuSites charges a one-time fee for setting up a website, and after it is complete the site is turned over to you.  Most clinical site makers charge a $30-50 monthly fee for building and maintaining a website.  Although this may save money initially, the cost eventually adds up to much more than what you would have spent on your one-time purchase with AcuSites, even if you include the cost of small annual independent hosting fees.

Does my website come with pre-written content?

You bet!  Our premade content includes a basic introduction to Oriental/Traditional Chinese Medicine, descriptions of acupuncture, moxa, cupping, and other modalities, as well as high-resolution images and sliders.  Our content is eye-catching and easy to understand.

Can I have my own pictures and logo on my website?

Of course!  If you get your images and logo to us during your free month of support, we will put them up for you!

When will my website be ready?

AcuSites has a quick turnover of only 7-14 days.  After your site is up, we will continue to assist you for one month to ensure that all of your desired content such as biographies, photographs, and clinic logo (if applicable) are integrated into your website.  If you have pictures and content that you want up on your website after the month is up, you can add it yourself by following our easy tutorials.

Can I customize my website after it is complete?

Yes!  You can do whatever you want to your website once it is complete.  Our tutorials section offers some information on simple changes such as colors and background images.

Will I have to keep paying AcuSites money after my website is complete?

No. Once your website is complete, it is YOURS. You can change your password and lock us out permanently. We do offer Website Maintenance services for people who want additional help keeping their website tidy and up to date, however this is completely optional.  Once your website is complete, you will have all of the tools you need to do this yourself.

If my website has a problem how do I get help?

If you need assistance with your website or are experiencing an error, write us a message and we will get back to you at our soonest availability.  If it is an emergency, make sure to leave a phone number so that we can contact you.

How do I get support?

During your first month with your new AcuSites Signature Website, you will receive free support.  This means if you want pictures, logos, or other forms of information added to your site, you need only email it to us and we will put it on your website for you!  We will also make sure your website stays up to date.  If you have any questions on how to use your website that isn't covered in our FAQ or Tutorials section, just send us an email and we will help you as soon as we can.

If you want detailed support with a technical support representative over Skype or Google chat, you can also purchase our Personal Web Assistance service.

I already have a website.  Can AcuSites rebuild it using one of their designs?

Absolutely!  Contact us to learn how!

Will I be able to write my own blog posts?

Of course!  As part of the AcuSites Signature Website package, we include a blog page just for your sites.  To learn how to use your blog, visit our tutorials section.

What does responsive mean?

Responsive means that your website will work well and look great on multiple digital devices including smart phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

Will my website be responsive?

It most certainly will!  AcuSites strives to make designs that will stand the test of time, and complement devices of all shapes and sizes.

What is content customization? 

With our Signature and Deluxe packages, we will put your personal content on your website for you.  This includes personal biographies, portraits, previously published material, and images.  

What is included in the classic six-page layout? 

The Classic six-page Layout is part of the AcuSites Signature and Deluxe packages and includes: 


-Services and Prices

-About Us

-Conditions Treated



What is included with the basic three-page layout? 

The basic three-page layout applies to the AcuSites Basic Package only and includes:


-Services and Prices

-About Us

What do I get with my first month of free support?

During your first month with AcuSites we will continue to tweak your website to your liking until you are completely satisfied.  This includes adding your content, pictures, and logo as they become available as well as making routine updates and checking for security threats.

Once the month is over, we will turn your website entirely over to you and lock ourselves out.  This means that we no longer have any authority over your website or what can be done to it.  If you run into problems down the road you are still welcome to ask us for help, but we will only help on an advice basis.  We will not log onto your site for you unless you purchase Website Maintenance.

What is Personal Web Assistance?

Personal Web Assistance is for people who are new to having their own website and need more personal instruction to get started.  With Personal Web Assistance, you will have an associate individually contact you and walk you through how to update, maintain, and add information to your website.

The reason this service is extra is not everyone needs it.  We make this distinction as it helps us keep our overall prices down.

What do I get with Monthly Website Maintenance

With our Website Maintenance service we will check into your site every month and do the following things:

-Update all plugins and themes

-Touch-up on SEO

-Check for broken links and security threats

-Add requested material such as photos and content by user

What is logo integration?

Logo integration is where we take your personal logo and add it to your website menu, sliders, and front page animation (dynamic themes only).  If you get your logo to us during your one month of free support, we will do this for you.  If you don't have a logo yet, we also offer a logo design service.

I just got a new logo, but my month of free service is already over.  Can AcuSites still integrate it for me?

Yes.  However you must purchase our Website Maintenance service for us to do any extra work on your website after your free month of service has ended.

What is Online Appointment Booking?

Online Appointment Booking allows patients to schedule with you at their convenience through the website.  AcuSites premium websites support applications such as Genbook, FullSlate, and BookFresh, which you can integrate yourself.  AcuSites can also set this up for you with our Online Appointment Booking service.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is what keeps your website on the internet.  In order for a website to always appear on the web, there has to be a computer somewhere in the world that is always running to keep it that way.  In order to keep this computer running, you have to pay an annual hosting fee.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a website's address.  Our domain name, for example, is AcuSites.com.  When picking a domain name, you want to choose something that is catchy and relevant to the name of your practice.  Once you own a domain name, you have to pay a small fee every year to keep it.  The reason for this is that it keeps people from hoarding domain names that they are not using.  It helps keep the internet fair.

Why do I have to pay an annual Hosting and Domain Fee?

Although you have already paid for your website and our company is no longer in the picture, your website still takes resources to remain and run fast on the internet.  For this reason, you have to pay a small fee to a hosting company to keep your website up and your domain name yours.  If you have us set up your hosting, we will set you up with HostGator's Hatchling Plan.  You can switch to a cheaper hosting company if you desire later on, but we recommend HostGator for their exceptional site performance.

How much does site upkeep cost?

A domain name costs around $10 a year.  Web Hosting can be anywhere from $30 a year to over $100 a year depending on your Web Hosting company.  If you have AcuSites set up your domain, we will select HostGator.  Their rate is currently $58.32 a year.  You can transfer your domain to a cheaper host later on, however it may cost you site performance.

Can I change my domain name later if I don't like the one I initially picked?

Yes and no.  You cannot change your domain name on its own, but you can buy a new domain name and transfer your website over.  At the end of the year, your old domain name will expire and other people can purchase it.  AcuSites will only do this for you as an additional service.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the content management system that AcuSites uses for setting up websites.  We use WordPress for two reasons.  One, it makes setup for your website more efficient, allowing us to keep our prices low.  Two, it is very user-friendly and allows you to have control over your website when we are done, even if you are not a "computer person".

What is Cpanel?

Cpanel is the hosting control panel that is used for website maintenance.  You can think of it as the management system behind your website.  Since AcuSites uses WordPress as a content management system, you may never have to deal with Cpanel personally.  However, when you are setup with a new domain name you will receive login information for Cpanel.  Be sure to save this information somewhere safe so that if you ever have to hire maintenance services in the future, web developers and programmers can access Cpanel for you.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, improves your website's visibility in search engines such as Google and Bing.  Being visible on search engines is paramount to attracting patients to your website.  This is why AcuSites includes basic SEO in our Signature and Deluxe Website Packages.

What do I have to do for SEO?

Nothing!  AcuSites will set up basic Search Engine Optimization for you.  For tips on how you can integrate SEO into your future blog posts, visit our tutorial.

Do I get my own email address with my website?

Yes!  In fact you can have multiple email addresses with your website, for example, info@myclinic.com, appointments@myclinic.com.  AcuSites will set you up with a default email address when we set up your website.  To learn how to add your own custom email address, visit our tutorial.  

How do I access my website's email?

For a detailed tutorial on accessing your email, see our tutorials section.

Can I post videos to my website?

Yes! You can embed videos hosted on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.  For more information visit our tutorials section.

What if I want a specific feature added to my site?

If you want a specific feature that we do not already offer in our premium website package, we are willing to set it up for you at an extra cost.  Contact us to inquire about the feature you want and we will send you a quote.  Rates will depend on the complexity of the request and expected time needed to add it to your site.

Can I have other web designers and programmers work on my site once it is done?

Certainly!  When we say your website belongs to you, we mean it!  As long as it is after our 1 month of free service, you can have whomever you want working on your website whenever you want.  All we ask is that you respect our terms and agreements and do not attempt to replicate or sell our work.

I do not have a clinical address yet.  Can I still have the address and map function later?

If you do not have a clinic yet, no problem!  We will leave your address and map section blank, and you can add your details later by either following our free tutorial or by purchasing Website Maintenance.

What if I move to a new clinic?  Can I change the address and map section?

Of course!  You can alter your information by reading our free tutorial or by purchasing Website Maintenance to have us do it for you.